About Me

Born in 1983 to humble Malay parents in Singapore, I was raised with a blend of Islamic, Eastern and Western values which continues to shape my character. A dreaming philosopher, I have a restless and vivid mind which can be mistaken for hyperactivity.

There is no best way to know me except being with me for a couple of days, months or even years and having the privilege of not only sharing and exchanging ideas with me, but also to learn about my personality and character from just observing my actions, habits, mannerisms, body language and ways of sitting still or moving.

Nevertheless, this website will attempt to convey just the right amount of information to help anyone know more about me, my work, my accomplishments, my goals and dreams and vision for the world.

The Basics

Full Name
Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim

Moment of Birth
Tuesday, 23rd August 1983 CE / 14th Dhul Qa’dah 1403 AH, 8:20 am


Twelver Shiah Islam, Ja’afari, Usuli.


Height & Weight
~ 170 cm, ~ 60 kg

LanguageĀ Proficiency
English, Bahasa Melayu (Malay)


A world in which every basic human need is abundantly or at least sufficiently made available to all human beings in an ecologically sustainable system such that humanity is freed from material want to seek higher philosophical, spiritual, artistic, scientific and humanistic pursuits.


To spread ideas and convey messages via various media to the largest possible human audience so as to contribute to the realisation of the above Vision.

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