UltimateSecretsofSuccess.com Landing Page

UltimateSecretsofSuccess.com Landing Page

I registered the domain in 2005 while I was still in National Service. It was dormant until I decided to build a personal development online business in June 2007, just after completing my 2-year National Service term. I recruited 2 co-founders / partners – one was my secondary school friend, the other was my platoon mate during National Service.

I was the CEO and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). My secondary school friend, Shafie, was the CFO and CPO (Chief Partnership Officer), and my platoon mate, Kun Song, was the COO and CIO (Chief Idea / Innovation Officer).

What We Did

 •  We co-wrote several eBooks, reports and infoproducts, among others:

 •  How to Create A Life of Wealth, Success & Happiness by Simply Asking!

 •  How to Create Anything You Want by Asking!

 •  Unleash Your Guru Within!

 •  Break Free Now!

 •  We wrote several automated email series (e-courses):

 •  The Accelerated Wealth Attraction (AWA) series.

 •  The Control My Path And Strive for Success (COMPASS) series.

 •  The Ultimate Secrets of Success 21-Day Journey.

 •  We wrote articles on our blog, newsletter, other blogs and article directories. These articles were all written by either myself or my 2 partners (proofread by me). None were outsourced. You can read the articles from:

 •  EzineArticles.com

 •  SelfGrowth.com

 •  This website, tagged under “Ultimate Secrets of Success

 •  We contacted other authors and experts in the personal development field with sizable subscriber lists and forged JV partnerships with them.

 •  I experimented with creating a vlog and delivered these sets of questions people can start asking themselves to get some insights into how they can improve various aspects of their lives. The videos can be viewed here.

Notable Accomplishments

 •  After 6 months of massive link building by article marketing (i.e. posting our articles with links to our site on external article directories, blogs and websites), UltimateSecretsofSuccess.com reached no. 5 on the 1st page of Google SERPs for the singular keyword “Success”. Proof below:

Success of UltimateSecretsofSuccess.com

   We built our opt-in subscribers’ list to over 3,000 people from around the world in 6 months.

   We drove a humble but notable US$3,000 in revenue.

Sales Letters, Landing & Squeeze Pages

 •  Main landing page (www.UltimateSecretsofSuccess.com)

 •  Main landing page, Survey version (www.UltimateSecretsofSuccess.com)

 •  Sales Letter for My eBook, How To Create a Life of Wealth, Success & Happiness by Simply Asking!

The End?

When I first started the business in 2007, my goal initially was to generate enough income from it to be able to support my family and I without having me take up a full-time job.

In 2008, despite promising early success in the latter part of 2007, I came to realise continuing to depend on the UltimateSecretsofSuccess.com business as the sole source of income for me and my family is not sustainable.

I took up the employment route – with much reluctance – to provide a stable income for my family (since I am the eldest of 3 younger schooling siblings and my mom was/is getting old), with the intention of working on it in my spare time after work hours.

But working for a paycheck started to consume more of my time and energy that I started to neglect the UltimateSecretsofSuccess.com business. The neglect dragged on for months until subscribers and clients started to forget me. My very occasional communications and product promotions to my subscribers did not have the same returns as before when I was active, so I reluctantly decided to close it down.

But this is not the end. This is just the close of one chapter that will lead to the beginning of a new. In the back burners of my hyperactive mind, a comeback is being planned…

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